About Us

The artist: Gannon Beck
To-date, Gannon has worked on over 2700 custom unit shirts for those in uniform, including units for all four services, police forces and firefighters, dating all the way back to 1992.

What makes Gannon’s designs special:

1: An understanding of military and service culture
In addition to his own service in the Marines, Gannon has viewed the military experience from a variety of perspectives including son of a Marine and police officer, brother to two Marines, nephew to soldiers, son-in-law to an airman, and brother-in-law to an airman, and husband to a sailor. After a lifetime spent on military bases and around those who serve, Gannon has gained insights into the culture of those in uniform that makes it into the art.

2: Illustration ability
In addition to the t-shirt designs, Gannon creates comic books as a way of honing his craft, as well as teaches illustration online through his Patreon account. He is the co-creator of the webcomic, Space Corps, and has worked on various other comic book projects.

3: Screen printing capacity and know-how

Preparing good art is one challenge, but preparing it to print well on shirts is its own challenge. Something that looks good in Photoshop won’t necessarily translate well to pushing ink through a screen.

Gannon’s art is prepared specifically for the screen-printing process using up to eight screens. He has a deep knowledge of how to get illustrative designs to print beautifully and consistently over a print run.